Regulators Approve Charter’s Buy Of Time Warner Cable In NY

Originally Appeared in Lexington Herald Leader
By Michael Virtanen
January 8, 2015

ALBANY, N.Y. – Regulators on Friday approved Charter Communications’ purchase of Time Warner Cable’s New York subsidiaries while requiring new service commitments from it.

Charter Communications said the commitments include providing a minimum Internet data transfer speed of 60 megabits per second and offering speeds of 300 Mbps statewide in 2019.

New York’s Public Service Commission said the upgrade should benefit 2 million customers upstate since Time Warner’s highest speed north of New York City is 50 Mbps, while its standard service is 15 Mbps.

“With the conversion to an all-digital network, New Charter will introduce its 60 Mbps broadband service, enabling many Time Warner subscribers to obtain faster speeds at lower prices,” the commission said in the order approved Friday.

Time Warner has about 3.3 million Internet, video and phone service customers in New York who would become Charter customers.

Stamford, Connecticut-based Charter said it will build out service networks to reach other homes and businesses in the territory. The expansion is expected to deliver high-speed service over four years to 145,000 customers not now served by New York-based Time Warner.

“We look forward to bringing many benefits including a superior high-speed, low-cost broadband service to families and seniors in New York,” Chief Executive Tom Rutledge said

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